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Interested in hosting a Popup Denver Space?

Program Objectives:

The city's Department of Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO) and the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) jointly developed the Popup Denver program to address three challenges: the changing nature of retail; the economic impact of COVID-19; and the potential impact of the upcoming 16th Street Mall reconstruction project. With an increased number of vacancies attributed to these three factors, there is an opportunity to work with property owners to activate vacant spaces and bring in new and unique retail and art activations that "reimagine downtown one storefront at a time." 


Property Owner Benefits:

The Popup Denver selection committee, made up of existing business owners on the 16th Street Mall and representatives from the city's Department of Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO) and the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP), carefully vet the Popup Denver tenant prospects to identify those businesses with a high likelihood of success that have not yet had the broker visibility or access to startup capital needed to test the market. In the pilot stage of this program, property owners provide the Popup Denver spaces for the cost of operating expenses (e.g. utilities, common area maintenance, taxes) and in exchange their space is improved with $20,000 in interior design, setup and merchandising support to give the popup tenant the best chance of success, i.e., converting to a long-term lease paying tenant.


Property Owner Protections:

The Popup Denver program was designed to give property owners the flexibility to pursue long-term leases while the popup tenants are in place. The popup tenants sign a license agreement with the owners (not a lease) for a minimum term of three months, unless an owner secures a lease-paying tenant in which case the popup tenant must vacate with 30-days notice. Ideally, the popup tenants are successful in their locations and will work with property owners and their brokers to negotiate remaining in their spaces beyond the term of the popup license agreement as lease-paying tenants.


How to Participate:

The opportunity to participate in the pilot stage (January-June 2022) is now closed. The program operators (DEDO and DDP) are actively engaging with property owners in downtown Denver to develop a Popup Denver phase two program that would launch in July 2022 if the pilot program is considered a success.

If you wish to be a part of these conversations you may contact us and submit your interest at any time.