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Explorer Track

Fuel your startup journey in Colorado with mentorship and resources on the Explorer Track.

Applicants interested in the Explorer Track must meet the following requirements:

  • Consumer product retailer

  • Be in good standing with all state and local taxing and regulatory authorities

  • Must have an existing storefront elsewhere in Colorado, which has been in operation for at least two years. No more than three storefronts total.

  • Annual gross revenue of less than $2 million in 2023, for each operating storefront.

Applicants must share:

  • State of Colorado Certificate of Good Standing

  • Profit and Loss Statement or comparable financial statement to demonstrate 2023 gross annual revenues for existing storefront operations

  • Describe how your business will “reimagine downtown”: Tell us how your store meets this objective, specifically, how your products will reflect the legacy of Colorado producers and/or growing cultural diversity and global connectivity of Denver.



The Explorer Track is for experienced Colorado-based retail store operators interested in testing out a reduced-cost storefront location in downtown Denver. This year's Popup Denver program will choose TWO businesses to receive the $25,000 grant and at least six months of abated rent.

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