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Round 1 Popup Alumni

Tea with Tae

Status: Operated from July through December 2022

Tea with Tae is a woman-owned tea company offering premium teas sourced from some of the most exquisite and finest tea farms in the world. Our tea is served in eco-friendly tea sachets to preserve the sophisticated flavor profiles and aromas of each tea while maintaining the convenience of a teabag.

The Museum for Black Girls

Status: Currently open

Museum for Black Girls gives Black women artists, and the public, a chance to focus on joy and magic in a self-driven pop-up. Museum for Black Girls is a woman-owned company that celebrates and empowers black women in this immersive popup.

Travel Posters

Status: Operated from June through August 2022

Travel Posters capture the landscapes and seascapes of the American travel experience. National Parks, cities and towns, mountains, shorelines, and unique features provide the inspiration for their designs.

Gallery 16

Status: Operated from June through September 2022

Graffiti writer, fine artist, muralist, and curator with over twenty years of experience creating public art, commercial murals, live art performance, and curating events around art.

Image En Mouvement

Operated from October 2022 through February 2023

Image En Mouvement (IEM) is a collective that was created to bring art to life via visual digital displays of dancers to be enjoyed by all, as part of the lifestyle brand of dance2b Studios.

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